Personal Logo
Graphic Design 4 | Spring 2022 | University of Missouri- St. Louis  
Problem: Visual illustrate your interest and your identity through a Logo. 
Solution: My love for nature inspires my personal logo. Growing up, I enjoyed the peacefulness of going on walks and the calmness it brought into my life. Viewing wildlife and being outside is a form of escape. I combined my love for floral arrangements, the shape of a butterfly, and the idea of an infinity loop in creating this mark. The colors are a representation of my Mexican culture. 
Final logo: B&W, and Color 
Progress: Beginning Stages Ideas of shattered glass, a flower, and an infinitely organic shape were the top three ideas to further explore. The infinitely flower loop shape was the most successful. 
Next step was finding what colors that best represented me by forming a variety of color pallets. 
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