Criminally Guilty | Animated Icons 
Advanced Problems in Graphic Design | Fall 2022 | University of Missouri- St. Louis 
Problem: Develop a set of 10 animated icons that express the ideas essential to a defined subgroup—making a new language and meaning through icons that communicate complex ideas and build new forms of closeness. 
Solution: While exploring different combinations of themes for my subgroup, my final refinement was Criminally Guilty. The Criminally Guilty icon set is for those who love mysteries and solving murder cases. Each icon is a different animal having an action within the mystery case. The goal was to create a cohesive icon set that communicated each animal's personality to its action; for example, Oopsy Haisy is a Hedgehog who is clumsy at doing lab tests. 
Static Icons 
Animated Icons
Breathless Dave 
On Duty Eleanor
Agent Gerlock
Oopsy Haisy
Flashy Van Goat 
loquacious Outhor
Prosecutor Reed Pangea 
Hiding Howard 
Smugly Sloan
Staby Penni 
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