CODA | Movie Branding
Advanced Problems in Graphic Design | Fall 2022 | University of Missouri- St. Louis
Problem: Create a consistent multichannel experience for the selected movie and a title sequence reflecting the theme of the movie. 
Solution: Coda is a coming-of-age movie that follows Ruby Rossy, the main character, as she learns to have her own,  interest outside of her family. It is important to note that Ruby is the only hearing person in her family. The dynamic of the family changes as she pursues her interest in singing. Her family is learning to support Ruby, but they are concerned as it’s an activity that they cannot fully experience. Because this movie has individuals who are hard of hearing, there are moments where it is quiet and others louder.  When Ruby has conversations with her parent in sign language, the tone of the movie changes as you can hear surrounding sounds in the background, which inspired me to represent sound visually. This was challenging because how do I visually represent sound? Ruby’s family are fishermen and it inspired me to use water/ocean as my visuals as a metaphor for sound. Water sounds can be delicate, and soft or they can be loud and destructive.
Movie Poster
Multichannel Package 
Play Pause Animation 1920 x 1080 px
Title Sequence: For the motion title, I continued the theme. Working in a video format allowed me to explore sound, and I took the opportunity to build my own audio.  I individually layered different sounds together. from the birds in the background, the piano melody, and other background noises. ”I won't give too much away”  I want to point out that at the beginning of my video, I was Inspired by the audio design of the movie and incorporated the beautiful conversation Ruby has with her parents in sign language. I hope you enjoy and are inspired to watch CODA.
Progress and Storyboard 
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