The Tales of Belonging | Classical book 
Adv. Problems in Graphic Design | Fall 2022 | University of Missouri- St. Louis 
Problem: Read the book by Trevor Noah, Born A Crime, and pair selections from his book with excerpts of other works/poems that you choose to create breaks/add interest and help provide context for his stories. To create breaks/pulls, you will develop a theme and pair Noah’s book 
Solution: Focusing on two chapters, Outsider and Mulberry Tree by Trevor Noah, Born A Crime. My theme became the navigation of being part of a social group. I incorporated elements of maps and compasses as a literal sense of finding yourself; with the help of a previous project, I used my Custom Typeface | Borderland.
Half Title and Title Page
Copyright/Acknowledgements and Table of Contents
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Step 2: Create a Interactive digital experience to navigate an online book.
Figma Navigation Video 
Figma Embedded Link, Interactive 
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